Cupcake Heaven Awaits!

Feb 15 , 2021

Cupcake Heaven Awaits!

Cupcakes are the ultimate source of happiness. One bite of a moist and creamy cupcake and life gets better instantly, you know what we mean? Come on, let’s get started the world’s best cupcakes are waiting for you!

Let us introduce you to all the 21 cupcake flavours we have


1. Berry Blush
Pillowy soft vanilla cupcake layered with a dollop of blueberry and white ganache frosting is a sweet match made in heaven. A perfect balance of sweet & tangy this cupcake is topped with dripping blueberry sauce.

2. Cinnamon Twist
Pillowy soft vanilla cupcake. This moist sponge is topped with a luxurious amount of cinnamon-flavoured buttercream. Unique with its combination, this vanilla-cinnamon combo is light and sober in texture.

3. Ruby Red
Love the color red? Not a fan of cream cheese but love Red Velvet? We have just the perfect cupcake for you! Moist and spongey, this baked goodness is monochromatically red in color. It is layered with a rich layer of red buttercream frosting and garnished with tiny silver balls.

4. O'reoMG
O’reo My God! The richest, most moist chocolate cupcake is here in town and we wouldn’t want you to miss it! Cupcake layered with oreo cookies’ buttercream frosting and an oreo. The cupcake is such a charm, you’d forget about the oreo cookie on top!

5. Candy Crush
Just one bite of this moist chocolate Cupcake would flatter anyone. This decadent is frosted with royal blue buttercream and topped with crushed gems. This little wonder is every kid's delight and a trip down the memory lane for adults!

6. Tie-Dye
This cupcake is a harmonic amalgamation of the seven colours of a rainbow. Frosted heavily with vanilla icing and garnished with colourful sprinkles. This cupcake sure will add colours to any event. This cupcake is a pompous festival of colours!

7. Chocolate Blast
It is a fluffy chocolate cupcake with a surprise blast of Belgian chocolate ganache in the center. But it does not end here, it is layered with chocolate buttercream frosting with choco chips garnished on top. This brown goodness is a testament that there is nothing as “too much chocolate”

8. Cutting Coffee
Soft and moist chocolate cupcake layered with a generous frosting of vanilla buttercream with coffee extract. Topped with a roasted coffee bean, this cupcake is a renovation of the sweet, now not-so-sweet classic.

9. Classic Vanilla
Good Ol’ vanilla cupcake. This evergreen classic never fails to disappoint sweet tooths. Moist and fluffy vanilla cupcake, topped with vanilla buttercream with extracts of vanilla. Just the perfect delight for any event from a Sunday brunch to a wedding lunch.

10. Salted Caramel
This sunshine of a cupcake is the perfect combination of vanilla and caramel. Pillow-like fluffy vanilla cupcake layered with caramel buttercream icing and graceful linings of salted caramel sauce. Take a break from the same old routine sweets and try out our Salted Caramel Cupcake.

11. Tiramisu
Mascarpone cream cheese is the perfect add-on to coffee. So we added the two and topped it on our ever-so-fluffy chocolate cupcake Tiramisu. Our Tiramisu cupcake is the perfect flavor for those who caffeine, but in regulated doses.

12. Choco Mint
Mint + chocolate = freshness. A fluffy chocolate cupcake piled high with thick and creamy mint frosting and garnished with delicious chocolate ball is a perfect dessert to refresh your mood!

13. Hazelnut Praline
Moist chocolate cupcake layered with a pleasing amount of chocolate and hazelnut frosting. The wafer bowl filled with hazelnut nougat is just the cherry on top! AND sprinkled with nougat crumbs. Did we raise your eyebrows? Have it break through the roof after a bite of this delight.

14. Redvelvet Creamcheese
Classic Red Velvet cupcake topped with Italian Cream Cheese. Self-explanatory, this cupcake speaks for itself. Grab a cupcake and let the legend manage the rest.

15. Lemon Snowflake
When life gives you lemons, throw in some zesty creamcheese frosting, coconut snow & let it explode! Light and fluffy, this vanilla cupcake is layered with lemon cream cheese frosting and garnished with dessicated coconut. This zesty cupcake is a refereshing dessert to savor during spring and summer!


1. Rocky Road
This is a fluffy chocolate cupcake. Layered with a rich frosting of chocolate ganache. If this was not enough, it is topped with almond rocks adding a little crunch to its texture.

2. What The Fudge
Moist chocolate cupcake can be rich in itself. But we gave it a twist. Frosted with a generously rich layer of caramel and chocolate ganache. If this was not enough, it is topped with cubes of chocolate fudge. There is nothing as “too much chocolate”

3. Sticky Toffee
Spongy vanilla cupcake. This is frosted with a layer of sticky toffee buttercream. The milk chocolate coin on top is the cherry on the cake! Dressed with chocolate linings, this cupcake is a variety of sweets in one.

4. Redvelvet Ferrero
Not a fan of cream cheese, but love Redvelvet? No worries, moist and velvety, this baked goodness is a perfect combination of Redvelvet and chocolate. This fancy cupcake is red in color, topped with sinfully rich and dark chocolate ganache, dressed with a Ferrero ball and chocolate linings.

5. Choco mint Nutties
Mint + chocolate = freshness. A fluffy chocolate cupcake piled high with thick and creamy mint frosting and garnished with delicious chocolate squares and chocolate balls is a perfect dessert to refresh your mood!

6. Chocolate Raspberry
It's raspberries all the way....moist and fluffy this irresistible chocolate cupcake is layered with white ganache blended in tangy raspberries and garnished with a red fondant flower is absolutely fruitilicious!